31 juli 2022

Summer jobs in West-Brabant & Zeeland

Seasonalwork.NL is a vacancy website and a cv database where employers in the Netherlands from the agricultural sector can contact EU/EER jobseekers. On Seasonalwork.NL you can find both the vacancies of the employers as well as the cv's of the jobseekers. Therefore, supply and demand come together in one place.

European candidates can create an account on Seasonalwork.NL and register their cv. Through the website you can apply for a job and seek contact with employers  in the agricultural sector. Seasonalwork.NL collaborate with Eures and has contacts with jobseekers from all over the EU/EER.

Are you looking for a job in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands? You can find it on Seasonalwork.NL. The vacancies are reliable and can be trusted. Seasonalwork.NL only publishes vacancies which support fair mobility and comply with the regulations on legal work. At www.seasonalwork.nl you will find interesting vacancies and useful information about working and living in the Netherlands. . 

Already focused on the prospect of a Summer job in West-Brabant or Zeeland? Contact one of our Eures advisors who can inform you of the opportunities. Send us an e-mail today!


31 juli 2022 - 11:00 tot 12:00